Study Tour to South Africa

Jun 5, 2023

On the 27th of May 2023, Bles Dairies East Africa organized a study tour for some of its clients to South Africa.


From Capetown to Port Elizabeth

During a very well organized trip, travelling from Capetown to Port Elizabeth, a number of dairy farms have been visited. The group visited well managed dairies in different setups, scales and with different breeds. What made the tour even more valuable rather than the visit, was the time taken by the owners of these operations explaining their drives, goals and challenges. The interaction between the group and the dairymen and women were of great value to all.


A market of great opportunity

The group has gotten to learn the South African dairy sector as one where farm management practices stand out. The market has great opportunity and is a modern example of how the dairy sector in Kenya can develop.


The challenge of “Load shedding”

One of the challenges the group witnessed is the load shedding, when there was no access to electricity for up to 8 hours a day. The impact this has on the operations as well as the financial impact is huge and a real challenge.


You have given us so much access to knowledge. It was a great trip and I personally learnt a lot more then expected, but also had a great time in a beautiful country.

A comment by one of the participants.



Supporting the exchange of knowledge

Bles Dairies is committed to serve and improve the dairy sector, for today and tomorrow. We believe that a study tour like this supports the exchange of knowledge and is a great opportunity for building relationships with our respected clients.