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Bles Dairies has been active in consultancy activities in East Africa for several years, in the past under the name The Friesian. To service customers in East Africa from short distance and in every aspect of the dairy value chain, we established in 2016 Bles Dairies East Africa Ltd.

High demand for milk and dairy products
Africa’s growing (youth) population and demographic developments lead to a high demand for milk and dairy products. The (East) African dairy sector does have a large potential, but at the moment its insufficient capacity causes a huge gap between supply and demand.

It is acknowledged that dairy is a strategic factor in the movement of populations out of poverty. The development of the dairy sector will fight malnutrition and increases incomes of the smallholder farmers. However the possibility to achieve results exists, challenges in the dairy sector still remain. To face these, and to keep up with the quick developments in the fast emerging East African dairy market, we established a local presence in Kenya.

Local presence in Kenya
Headquartered out of Eldoret, Kenya, we provide services across the entire dairy value chain. To serve our clients in a better way Bles Dairies East Africa ltd. has partnered with Nundoroto Contractors, forming a total solution: ‘Seed to Feed’ & ‘Feed to Farmgate’

  1. Seed to Feed: Contracting services from ploughing up to harvesting of fodder crops & supply of high quality inputs
  2. Feed to Farmgate: Farm management support e.g. nutritional advice & reproduction coaching. Supply of high quality (imported) genetics and livestock
  3. Consultancy: Dairy development projects for the processing industry, increasing milk quantity & quality.

Bles Dairies can help your dairy operation in:

  • Improvement of the quality and quantity of your milk
  • Increase farm reproduction results
  • Increase yield and quality of your fodder crops
  • Training on all dairy topics, such as animal nutrition, animal health etc.
  • Reduce your bio security and food safety risk
  • Manage your farms on an interim or permanent basis
  • Solve your farm’s animal waste problems
  • Develop your business plan and assess your strategy

Whatever your question might be, we have the expertise and the experience. We have supported small holder dairy farms, medium and large commercial farming operations and processing companies.


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