Bles Dairies Consultancy

Bles Dairies Consultancy is the international specialist in marketing agrarian business knowledge. We offer consultancy services within the entire dairy value chain, from feed to factory gate. With our hands-on support we advice on all aspects of dairy farming (both rural and large scale), milk collection and processing to a wide range of clients.

  • Curriculum development and training of technical experts and management
  • Technical assistance on all subject matter related to dairy farming such as feeding, forage production, farm management, herd administration, farm economics and business planning
  • Dairy sector studies (dairy value chain)
  • Feasibility and investment studies (dairy farming, milk collection, milk processing);
  • Technical audits related to investment and mergers
  • Establishment of quality based milk payment systems
  • Food safety i.e., milk quality improvement programs
  • Provision of short term and long term management support
  • Technical assistance on all subject matter related to milk quality, collection and processing
  • Design and engineering of dairy farms, milk collection centres and milk processing plants
  • Rural dairy sector development

Holistic approach

Dairies Consultancy is unique in that it combines different disciplines in dairy development, to serve our clients comprehensively. We work to improve and optimize the dairy (food) production worldwide via an efficient international network of companies and institutes. We offer various services which will turn your dairy company in to a success!

Independent and ambitious in dairy

Our objectives? To deliver always a positive contribution on sustainability and return on investments. With our unique range of services, we assure and improve food safety together with profitability in a sustainable way. This we execute in a fast growing global demand for reliable and healthy food. The world population is growing, together with prosperity in rising economies. This gives rise to a growing request for knowledge and experience in dairy development. Thus, our activities are based on the future demands of consumers, global changes, product development, new product market combinations, innovations and food safety.

Positive contribution on sustainability and return on investment

With our strong international presence we are at home in dairy wherever we are. Our consultancy division is active in 35 countries and our specialists have many years of experience in more than 62 countries worldwide. We believe that our people form the key to our success and we are proud of our highly experienced and committed team. With their different backgrounds, specialisms and competences we cover the complete dairy sector.

Bles Dairies Consultancy BV started in 2001 under its official name the Friesian Agro Consultancy,  providing comprehensive knowledge within the dairy value chain. As of October 2018, The Friesian continues under the name Bles Dairies Consultancy BV.