Bles Dairies Livestock

Bles Dairies Livestock has over 30 years experience in the export of high quality heifers. We are a leading exporter of Holstein Friesian cows sourced globally according to our clients’ specifications. We were founded in the 1980’s with as focal point the trade in quality livestock. The people within Bles Dairies have cows and dairy in their DNA. We work with people that have many years of experience in the cattle industry, knowledge of the international and national markets.

We work closely with the client from the first request to pre-selection, shipment and eventually follow up support in the management of these heifers in their new environment. Bles Dairies Livestock’s clients include foreign governments, large and small scale farmers/ farms, family farms and investors in dairy farming.

  1. Selection
  2. Pedigree certificate
  3. Blood tests / health certificate
  4. Quarantine
  5. Transport / shipment
  6. Insurance / follow-up

We supply a variety of breeds, with emphasis on Holstein-Friesian, Jersey, Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss cattle. The animals come with a good pedigree and have been carefully selected, animal by animal.

Bles Dairies not only focusses on high quality cattle, but also pays attention to the health and wellbeing of the animals. We are up to date on the veterinary requirements and regulations in the different export countries. Every animal is examined and approved by a veterinarian and receives a health certificate.