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Part of Bles Dairies is also our high tech dairy farm in Friesland, the Netherlands. Bles Dairies Farm is a moderate sized farm and it is unique in its high level performance. It focusses on management and excellent results, both technically as financially.

Bles Dairies Farm shows that at Bles Dairies we indeed have a professional understanding of dairy farming. We put into practice high tech dairy farming ourselves. The farm clearly reflects our dairy farming visions, approaches and key values in servicing our clients worldwide.

Bles Dairies Farm  Bles Dairies Farm






What is key at our farm?

– We believe that healthy and happy cows produce healthy milk that contributes to the health of the population. Important in this is our milking vision: the cow is central to all our thoughts and actions. That is why we apply a high standard in cow comfort.

– Besides preventive measures and clear protocols, cow comfort also aids in achieving an outstanding state of animal health. This is absolutely one of our goals, since it forms an important factor for productivity and high components.

– Furthermore, as for every highly productive and profitable dairy farm, nutrition is crucial. A balanced, tailor-made and high quality feed ration contributes to the health and productivity of our herd.

– Reproduction is another key for a healthy and profitable herd. Bles Dairies Farms sophisticated genetics strategy is to breed for a high productivity and healthy life time for each cow.

– Last but not least: farm management is of the utmost importance at our farm. The farm management monitors data through central technology and sets clear KPIs like milk production, reproduction, feeding intake and animal health.

To learn more about our farm, watch our Bles Dairies Farm movie here or bring a visit to our farm!

Bles Dairies Farm Bles Dairies Farm