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Bles Dairies is a major player in the international dairy sector with over 25 years experience in dairy business. With emphasis on ‘our cows, our people and our clients’ we have successfully serviced a variety of clients in over 35 different countries across the world. The group has its headquarters in Friesland, the Netherlands and has local presence in Kenya and Russia.

The group consists of five business units with three operating companies, here is a view of our group’s disciplines.
– Bles Dairies Livestock, globally active in export of high quality Holstein Friesian cows.
– Bles Dairies Genetics, experts in improvement of a herd’s genetic potential and in the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and Denmark it is Semex’s distributor under Semex Holland.
– Bles Dairies Consultancy, active in dairy value chain development and offers expertise from feed to factory gate.

The group provides solutions by applying our knowledge and network to farms, farmers, investors, processors, governments, cooperatives, NGOs and other dairy stakeholders across the globe.

For more information on our various activities please get in touch with us via email info@bles-dairies.nl or call us on +31582120541.