Bles Dairies Genetics

Bles Dairies Genetics is specialized in improvement of a herd’s genetic potential. Good quality genetics is the foundation for improved dairy performance and profitability. Our activities include provision of bull semen (including sexed semen); improvement of cow fertility; and support on reproduction related matters.

Bull semen
Bles Dairies Genetics provides high quality bull semen, including sexed semen, worldwide. Holstein Friesian bulls are our core business, but we also offer a wide range of other breeds for dairy, beef and dual-purpose use. The people within Bles Dairies will advise on the bulls that are best suited for your goals and animals.

Cow fertility and support on reproduction related matters
There are many direct and indirect factors that play a role in cow fertility. A combination of genetics, nutrition, general health, management or reproductive disease etc, it can all influence whether a heifer will breed quickly or a cow breeds back quickly after calving. Bles Dairies is your partner to optimize these factors in order to improve the fertility of your herd. It is important to have a well functioning strategy, for which Bles Dairies can give advise and offer training. Feel free to ask us for more information.

  • Properly identifying and selecting your best animals
  • Keeping records (data collection)
  • Meeting the nutritional requirements
  • Establishing a breeding program
  • Sire selection
  • Evaluation reproductive failure
  • Providing adequate facilities
  • Artificial Insemination (A.I)
  • And more..

Do-It-Yourself Training
Bles Dairies provides courses in Artificial Insemination (A.I.), Pregnancy Control (PRC) or other topics as Oestrus cycle, Semen handling, storing and transport, Heat detection – optimum time for AI, Legislation, Hygiene & biosecurity, Animal welfare, Herd reproductive performance.

Semex Holland
Bles Dairies Genetics is also Semex’ exclusive dealer for high quality semen in Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. For further information please visit (Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands) or or get in touch with our team via