Bles Dairies also supplies Jersey cows

Jun 5, 2023

Bles Dairies Livestock has over 30 years experience in the export of high quality heifers. We are a leading exporter of Holstein Friesian cows sourced globally according to our clients’ specifications. The animals come with a good pedigree and have been carefully selected, animal by animal. We also supply Jersey cattle, in this article we zoom in on that breed.


Increase in demand

The demand for good Jersey dairy cattle has increased worldwide over the past recent years, including in the Netherlands. For the European market, we therefore source Jerseys in Denmark, but we look further than that. For example we source for Jerseys in South Africa for the African continent.

Peter Nicolay

Livestock Buyer, Bles Dairies

What makes the Jersey cow attractive for a dairy farmer?

Although the Jersey gives less milk than Holsteins, the fat and protein percentages are much higher. They also need less feed and water, because they produce milk very efficiently. This means that the greenhouse gas emissions in the production of milk are 80% compared to Holsteins. Furthermore, the Jerseys are smaller than Holsteins, which makes them better suitable for certain circumstances, such as smaller barns.

Frans Schers

Livestock Buyer, Bles Dairies

Are you interested in buying Jersey livestock, don’t hesitate to contact our Livestock specialists:

  • Peter Nicolay: +31 653 49 25 15
  • Frans Schers.: +31 653 43 31 33