Now available in the Netherlands: Calf’s First Feed

Jun 5, 2023

In Europe, Bles Dairies is distributor for Semex in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. In the Netherlands Semex has started marketing a new product – colostrum powder – under the name Calf’s First Feed.


Calf’s First Feed

Colostrum, designed perfectly by mother nature for the newborn, is a complex biological liquid with a combination of bio-active factors that are essential to getting newborns off to a good start.

When maternal colostrum does fall short, Calf’s First Feed is the perfect solution.

Calf’s First Feed is a product from SCCL and has been developed by veterinarians and is purely natural: nothing is taken out and nothing is added. SCCL collects the colostrum that dairy farmers have left over and processes it into powder. This powder can be used to replace or supplement the calf’s colostrum: the calf’s first feed! It has been proven safe and reliable.

Calf’s First Feed is the one and only product that can help you increase the calf’s BRIX value up to 30 and indirectly it will have a huge impact on the development of the Immune status of the calf.

Every calf deserves the best start! 


What is the added value of good colostrum management?

Good colostrum management starts already before the calf is born. Three weeks before parturition the production of colostrum starts. During this period it is crucial that the cows are being fed with the goal to get high quality colostrum (a BRIX value between 25 and 30). This BRIX value will help the calf increase its immunity (for a long period of time) as well as its level of resistance. A high quantity and quality of colostrum is an insurance for financial profit in the calf’s future live.

The importance of a good start

Bles Dairies is always looking for ways to improving your dairy herd and we see the importance of a good start for a calf, that becomes a dairy cow later on in its life. Calf’s First Feed, a pure and honest product that will help to develop the calf’s gene package. This is why we start to market whole colostrum powder in the Netherlands through Semex Holland.