Leading position in Genetics

Nov 20, 2017

Bles Dairies Genetics is specialized in reproduction and the improvement of a herd’s genetic potential. In our activities, we strive to position ourselves as knowledge leader and to keep that position. How? By maintaining a high level of expertise, knowledge ánd to set forth trends and innovations. Our highly experienced specialists enable us to hold this leading position.

A good example are the trends we set forth as Semex distributor. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and Denmark Bles Dairies Genetics is Semex’s distributor. Semex develops and markets high quality genetic solutions to benefit livestock producers around the world while creating value for its clients. One of Semex’s innovative solutions is the exclusive Immunity+ technology. This technology applies breeding for disease resistance and is based on 20 years of research.

Selection at immunity response is very selective since it is inheritable for 30%. Of each generation of Immunity+ descendants it is expected that it will lower the chance of diseases with 4 – 8% (a.o. mastitis, lameness and mortality). Furthermore, Immunity+ daughters produce a higher quality colostrum with more antibodies and respond better to commercial vaccinations.

In this way, Immunity+ daughters are capable of dealing with a large variety of immune challenges, encompassing nearly all major diseases that have an economic impact. As a result, they are more profitable, lowering costs and wasting less of the dairy farmer’s time. And most importantly: Immunity+ works! It is not only based on scientific research but has a proven track record, showing significant practical results. The data has been validated in a real commercial setting and above all, it is more and more adopted and absorbed by the market. Results show an increasingly large gap between Immunity+ and non Immunity+ animals!

Immunity+ distinguishes Semex from all other breeding organisations world wide. This idea perfectly fits Bles Dairies Genetics’ mission and vision. To be progressive in genetics and to always keep innovating. For a healthy herd and a strong dairy performance!