Domestic livestock trade

Nov 20, 2017

Bles Dairies Livestock has over 25 years experience in the export of heifers.  Export of high quality Holstein Friesian heifers is the core business of Bles Dairies Livestock. We are a leading exporter of Holstein Friesian cows sourced globally according to our clients specifications. In the last 25 years, thousands of animals were exported abroad by Bles Dairies Livestock. The animals crossed borders to countries like Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, but also outside of Europe, to North Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

However, did you know Bles Dairies Livestock does more than exporting heifers? A large part of our business activities take place within the Dutch borders. Bles Dairies Livestock is very active in the domestic market by marketing and delivering high quality cattle to Dutch farmers. Many farmers establish high selection criteria to the cattle for their companies. The farmers knock at our door with their inquiries and Bles Dairies Livestock delivers accordingly! In this way, Bles Dairies Livestock is busy every day with domestic trade and meets the market demand for high quality cattle.