A new two-year project in Algeria

Nov 20, 2017

Bles Dairies’ consultancy division The Friesian recently acquired a new two-year project in Algeria. The project is to be implemented in 2018 in close cooperation with our partner Dairy Training Centre (DTC). The objective is to build capacity and transfer knowledge for a sustainable and modern dairy sector.

The Algerian dairy sector can only meet 50% of the national demand for dairy products and therefore heavily depends on imports. For this reason, development of the dairy sector is a high priority for the government of Algeria.

Currently, two farms are being built to serve as demonstration farm and training centre: a small family farm of 15 cows and a medium-scale dairy farm of 60 cows. Part of the project is the coaching and training of the staff of those farms.

Besides the management support on both farms there is a vocational agricultural college working in close cooperation with the mentioned farms. Technical support to the teachers and upgrade of their curricula is required, based on the needs of the students; the new generation of Algerian dairy farmers.