Exchange project: Finland & the Netherlands

Mar 28, 2018

Bles Dairies Genetics aims to improve the herds from farmers worldwide. This means, not only the provision of good quality bull semen, but also support, consultancy and trainings on reproduction related matters. The experienced experts from Bles Dairies Genetics provide those trainings on several topics, such as artificial insemination.

Since 4 years, Bles Dairies Genetics works together with the Finnish distributor of Semex to exchange knowledge on the subject of genetics. The trainer Anne Terpstra has, until now, organized 25 artificial insemination trainings in the Netherlands for Finnish farmers. Small groups of +/- seven farmers follow a weekly program, during which they receive a short theoretical introduction followed by learning in practice. At the location of on beforehand selected dairy farms, the group has the possibility to gain knowledge, improve their practical skills and exchange information. At the end of the week, the group heads home satisfied with new acquired skills and knowledge. In addition, Anne Terpstra also travels to Finland, where he organizes for example cattle judging trainings for groups of +/- ten interested persons.

Trainer Anne Terpstra acquired his first experience during an internship in the United States and then continued working on the vocational college in Oenkerk (the Netherlands). Over the years, he has given many trainings within the dairy sector and since then he is also an important team member of Bles Dairies. His knowledge and experience result in high quality trainings, which the Dutch and Finnish distributors of Semex recognise.

Bles Dairies organizes trainings on different topics in the dairy sector, such as transition management, cattle claw health, young stock breeding, fertility, artificial insemination, cattle judging, genetics and many more. With the necessary in-house expertise to coordinate, provide and develop trainings worldwide, Bles Dairies can make a contribution to the improvement of a sustainable herd for farmers.