Introduction Newsletter June 2023

Jun 7, 2023

By Managing Director Jurjen Boerrigter

As I am writing this introduction for our June newsletter, I am traveling through the African continent. Bles Dairies is growing its footprint around the globe and that requires frequent travels to meet our global clients and teams, and to explore new opportunities. And opportunities are there, both for our clients as for Bles Dairies.


Our people

To create value for our clients we are continuously looking for new/better tools, products and services that will help our clients around the world to become more successful. We also realize that our products and services are brought to you by our people. We therefore, carefully, recruit the best possible staff to world in the area we are active in, the dairy sector. I am pleased to inform you that in the last quarter we have been able to add a number of great members to our teams around the world. All of them are ready to work with you and read to develop your businesses. Building relationships, developing opportunities for you and working together in executing the created plans.


The best way to build relationships

Last week I have had the opportunity to travel with clients of Bles Dairies East Africa to the beautiful South Africa on a study tour. The best way to build relationships. We have invested to realize this trip in favor of our clients future success. A one week trip created so much insights and practical knowledge for our clients which they can implement on their farms back home.



On the product side we have been able to come to agreements with Uniform Agri and SCCL. This allows us to extend our product portfolio by delivering the best products to support your business.


To serve and improve the dairy sector

Bles Dairies is committed to serve and improve the dairy sector, for today and tomorrow. We are there to develop your herd, your farm. To jointly create a project and its implementation for the processing industry. To support the governments and ministries. To develop your (leading) people. To achieve the next level, the next level in dairy.