Dairy Training Centre develops E-Learning platform

Sep 25, 2017

Our consultancy branch The Friesian organizes often trainings as part of their consultancy activities, especially in the area of small-scale dairy farming. More frequently we organize trainings via our partner Dairy Training Centre (DTC). DTC, formerly known as PTC+ Oenkerk, is a leading, international training centre for practical dairy training located in the Netherlands and working world wide. For over 40 years now DTC conducts international training programs, consultancy and capacity building alongside the implementation of training  projects all over the world.

DTC receives more than 3.500 participants per year. The background of the participants is very diverse. From Dutch dairy farmers to students of regional universities and from large scale Russian dairy farm managers to Tanzanian female small scale milk processors. For individual participants, DTC offers standard training programs with a duration of 1 day till 6 months. For companies and development projects, custom-made programs based on the needs and wishes of the client can be offered.

DTC plays a big role in (further) development of the dairy sector worldwide in collaboration with all her partners. Together with The Friesian they cooperate in advising and training. They do this by taking a tailor-made approach to each customer’s situation. DTC believes that besides advice, people also need training. Training gives people a wide look and awareness of new innovations. It enables people to end up with trained skills in new situations. Acquired knowledge and skills can be used straight away once students return to their farms, milk processing plants back home, anywhere in the world.

DTC has developed an E-Learning platform, especially to be used by her franchise partners all over the world. Improved technologies, improved connectivity, smartphones and cloud computing make E-Learning a realistic option for DTC students all over the world.

The practical trainings that are typical for DTC are combined with online interventions in the form of E-learning modules and preparation of back home assignments. By the use of blended learning, DTC is able to offer more effective and highly personalised trainings. Via the E-Learning platform, DTC allows their students to gain knowledge and insights, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

The E-Learning platform is available for students that follow a training at one of our facilities in the Netherlands or at the facilities of one of their franchise partners.

You also find all the information at DTC’s website: