Bles Dairies Genetics – Did you know that?

Sep 25, 2017

…at Bles Dairies Genetics we have a great team of people selling yearly close to 400.000 doses of semen world wide? In this item we would like to tell you more about our Genetics business.

One of Bles Dairies’ business divisions is Genetics, since genetics form the core of a productive, sustainable and healthy herd. Under genetics our specialisms include knowledge of reproduction, of herd improvement ánd consultancy. Bles Dairies Genetics is also Semex’s exclusive dealer for high quality bull semen in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Russia. However, this does not mean that we are limited to supply semen only to customers in those countries. Under the name of Bles Dairies Genetics we are able to deliver high quality semen all around the world.

More concretely, we provide bull semen but we also provide genetics advisory services. A high genetic input is essential for a herd’s potential, but in our opinion (after sales) advisory and guidance is just as important. This includes the bull choice but also training and/or consultancy on various subjects. For example: checking fertility protocols, hoof trimming, feeding, insemination etc.

Besides our comprehensive range of services in genetics and our approach to herd improvement, Bles Dairies Genetics’ strength lies also in the diversity of areas and markets we operate in. We are active both in Europe, as in highly developed large-scale markets world wide, as in (newly) emerging markets. This means that we operate in small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale markets. An example of our activities in (newly) emerging markets is for example our presence in East Africa, where we start selling semen to local dairy farmers.

With our knowledge of the industry, of the markets, and of course our technical knowledge we continuously work together with dairy farmers on the improvement of a herd’s genetic potential. To improve dairy farm performance and operating efficiency!