Consultancy project in China

Sep 25, 2017

Our consultancy branch is involved in a advisory project in the north of China. A Chinese dairy organization started up their own dairy farm at the end of 2015. Bles Dairies temporarily managed the dairy farm with 1.200 dairy cows and 700 ha land. An experienced farm manager, supported by dairy experts in the field of nutrition and animal health, ran the farm. One of the main targets in this assignment was roughage production.

After this interim farm management period, The Friesian continued to be involved with this large scale dairy farm. At the farm the emphasis is on feed and feed production. Therefore, our advisory activities now mainly concern feed assistance and farm management consultancy. Climate is harsh for production of corn and grass, high temperatures and rainfall highly influence the yield and such circumstances need strong management. One of the experts of The Friesian travelled to the farm last month and gave necessary advise to manage such circumstances including the use of the produced manure. Our specialist addressed issues like grass survival, the current situation of different crops and the harvest of corn. He also analyzed and corrected several rations, for example for the young stock and the cows. Next to nutritional consultations he also advised on all sort of practical matters like maintenance, the design of the barn and treatments like hoof trimming.

It is clear that feed production is a very specialized job. The Friesian has the expertise to transfer knowledge and to provide advisory services, which are both crucial to achieve results.