Livestock purchaser in the picture: Mr. Peter Nicolay

Sep 25, 2017

At Bles Dairies we believe that our people form the key to our success and we are proud of our highly experienced and committed team. With their different backgrounds, specialisms and competences we cover the complete dairy sector. Occasionally, we would like to introduce to you one of our team members. This time, meet our chief purchaser of Bles Dairies Livestock, Mr. Peter Nicolay.

Since 25 years Mr. Nicolay is linked to Bles Dairies Livestock BV. Throughout the course of his career he has selected and purchased a vast number of cattle, for a wide variety of destinations. Mr. Nicolay selected and purchased cattle at dairy farms and quarantine farms, especially in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. In huge export orders e.g. with destination Russia he is the driving force in our livestock team. Within our valuable export orders within Europe he operates merely independently. Mr. Nicolay is the face of the Bles Dairies’ livestock business.

In the purchasing activities it is important to maintain a network. Particularly in turbulent times of closed borders related to diseases as FMD, Blue Tongue, Schmallenberg etc. Mr. Nicolay is very skilled in selecting cattle, is loyal to colleagues, cattle transporters, farmers and acts decisively in negotiations and contact with our valuable customers.

Bles Dairies knows anything about the world of the cow and the cow anywhere in the world. The knowledge and experience of our team enables Bles Dairies to deliver high quality and tailor-made services. With respect to our Livestock division, but also in our Genetics and Consultancy branches.

Livestock purchasers Peter Nicolay and Kees Koldijk in the 1990s