Connecterra signs industry partnership with Bles Dairies

Sep 12, 2019

Connecterra and Bles Dairies have signed an industry partnership for further scale-out of the artificial intelligence assistant IDA on dairy farms in Europe.

The partnership between Bles Dairies and Connecterra includes the sale of IDA to Semex Holland’s customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. Semex Holland is a genetics company, owned by Bles Dairies, and has exclusive distribution on the genetics of the Canadian company Semex for a number of countries in Europe.

IDA: fast, accurate and relevant

IDA has been developed by the Dutch agtech company Connecterra and is a smart and true assistant for the farmer. By giving actionable insights on health and fertility, IDA helps the farmer to make better and quicker decisions, which in turn allows the farmer to further optimise the farm. IDA is a self-learning technology, based on sensor and farm data amongst others. By using artificial intelligence and feedback from the dairy farmer, the system constantly learns, hence becoming a tailor-made system for every unique farm. IDA is fast, accurate and relevant.

IDA contributes to sustainable farming

Connecterra makes the IDA technology available to farmers vis direct sales, but the company also uses partners and distributors. Partners of Connecterra get – with the consent of the dairy farmer – valuable insights into the data of their customers (farmers). This helps industry partners to use data driven advice to farmers, and also to work with the farmers to further optimise breeding, health and feeding strategy for example.

“We are very happy that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Bles Dairies. This enables us to introduce IDA to more dairy farms in Europe. Bles Dairies is well known in the industry for its extensive network and reliability in the field of genetics and breeding advice. With the partnership we can continue to work on making dairy farms more efficient and sustainable”, says Jan Jaap Kuipers, Sales Manager EMEA at Connecterra.

Henk Bles, CEO of Bles Dairies adds: “At Bles Dairies we believe that the application of new technologies contributes to sustainable livestock farming. IDA assists the livestock farmer and improves the well-being, health and fertility of the cows. We look forward to let our customers of Semex Holland get acquainted with this latest technology in the field of artificial intelligence”. 

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About Connecterra
Connecterra was founded in 2015 by Yasir Khokhar and Saad Ansari. The agtech company has its headquarters in Amsterdam. Connecterra’s mission and vision is to use artificial intelligence to make agriculture more efficient, productive and sustainable. The first product developed according to this vision is IDA, an artificial intelligence assistant that gives the farmer valuable insights in the field of health and fertility. IDA is used in 14 countries around the world.

About Bles Dairies
With over 30 years of experience and customers in more than 35 countries, Bles Dairies is a true international player in dairy farming. Bles Dairies is based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands and has local offices in Kenya, Russia and Hong Kong. The activities of Bles Dairies include advice and training along the dairy chain, farm management, sale and export of dairy cattle and the sale of cattle genetics (through Semex Holland).

For more information, please contact: 
Emmy Koeleman, Global Market Communications Manager @Connecterra
Tel: +31 (0)6 100 62 663.