Bull catalogue for Bles Dairies East Africa

Dec 6, 2017

We are happy to announce our newest bull catalogue for Bles Dairies East Africa! The catalogue will support Bles Dairies East Africa’s team to sell high quality genetics in the Kenyan market. The bulls are specifically selected to serve the Kenyan circumstances e.g. high trait values in milk volume, easy calving and strong udders and legs.

Bles Dairies E.A. is a dairy development company active in the dairy chain through Livestock, Genetics and Training and Consultancy. In East Africa high productive pedigree heifers are supplied to dairy farmers. The division Genetics organises sales of bull semen and services directly to dairy farmers in order to avoid additional trading points of bull semen.

We take tracking & tracing of the bull semen seriously and we take good notice of farmer’s feedback about the bull semen services, quality of bull semen and their recommendations. Based on this feedback we are able to provide better services and a wider array of bull semen.

More information:
Representative Bles Dairies East Africa: Dirk Harting
T: +254 7960 27638
E: d.harting@bles-dairies.nl