Nigeria: next phase in our crossbreeding project

Dec 6, 2017

Our crossbreeding project in Nigeria, in which our consultancy division The Friesian is engaged, has entered a next phase. It is intended that The Friesian will outsource a long-term resident expert to Nigeria, in order to support the program from short distance.

Aim of this dairy development project in Nigeria is to increase milk production at local dairy farms in Nigeria.

Our Technical Director Martin de Jong and the proposed long-term resident expert visited Nigeria last week, to prepare the implementation of a three year program to establish master farms and to support the emerging small-scale settled farmers in order to get a regular milk supply to the milk processing plant of WAMCO-FrieslandCampina.

The project will support a number of existing farmers to increase the productivity of their cattle by introducing new forage varieties, to construct simple sheds for animal housing and to provide regular supply of clean water. Furthermore a Fulani/HF crossbreeding scheme will be introduced.

Around the master farms, that will act as an example for other farmers, 10 to 20 other farmers will be supported to learn from the improvements introduced at the master farms. The project is implemented in cooperation with IFDC and WUR.

The following updates will come next year!