The future of dairy farming

Mar 13, 2017

In this first newsletter we would like to introduce you to our Managing Director Henk Bles. In a short, personal note he sets forth his views about the future of dairy farming world wide.

All studies and statistics come to the same conclusions: farmers around the world have to increase the food production to almost double in 2050 to feed the growing world population. Besides, the world economy is growing which leads to a need for more food of better quality. Especially for the growing younger age group, high quality and safe dairy nutrition is essential. Does this mean the future for the dairy farmer is bright? Yes and no. Opportunities are linked to treats.

We would expect a structural and steady increase of the global milk price. Instead we see a huge volatility in the global milk market. This leads to under-investment and unbalance in the margins within the dairy value chain, which is slowing down the growth in production.
To fulfil the increase of demand for dairy nutrition, more dairy cows with higher productions are required and therefor more arable and fertile land is needed. Instead of this, the amount of arable land is decreasing due to erosion and urbanisation.

The conclusion is that we need to produce more and better but with less resources. We also need to produce more sustainably. But what does sustainable mean when a farmer is not able to have enough income to raise his own family?

Productivity and efficiency are the key drivers. A higher production per cow, increasing yields per hectare and less water per kg food production. Less input per kg means lower GHG emissions and leaving more land for nature, recreation and urbanisation.

To increase productivity and efficiency, investment in innovation and better technology are needed. Countries with the right balance in support from the governments, research and development, education and countries who above all create a profitable business platform will be most successful in the future of dairy farming.

As Bles Dairies we support this concept and with our customers we aim to meet this growing demand for good quality milk with high nutritional content. We do this by providing high quality cows, genetics, knowledge and training to all players in the dairy value chain and sector. Striving to build a future with a high, efficient and a sustainable dairy production.

Henk Bles, Managing Director