Let us introduce you to: Dirk Harting

Mar 13, 2017

Dirk Harting is agricultural project manager and consultant in dairy business operations in the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. He has over ten years of management experience with large-scale dairy farming operations. He is also highly experienced in small-scale dairy development programs and projects in Asia, encompassing milk collection methodology, milk quality control systems, milk quality based payment systems and dairy husbandry extension. In addition, he engages a lot  in preparing financial feasibility studies and writing business proposals of modern large-scale dairy farming, dairy processing operations and dairy fodder farming, including business organization and evaluation of financial projections. As dairy consultant he is one of Bles Dairies’ associate dairy consultants.

Dirk Harting

Managing Director Bles Dairies East Africa Ltd.

T: +254 7960 27638

E: d.harting@bles-dairies.nl