Start maize harvest season 2020 Nundoroto – Bles Dairies East Africa

Aug 7, 2020

The partnership between Bles Dairies East Africa and Nundoroto continues to strengthen its business operations in agriculture contracting services. A short update of the maize harvesting season 2020:

Maize crop was first ready to harvest in Narok
Nundoroto has made a great start in July with the maize harvest season. All the machinery and teams proved ready for the job, which started in Narok, Kenya, where the maize crop was first ready to harvest. The teams subsequently moved to the areas of Ravine and Kitale. Once the harvest there will be completed, they will move to Eldoret, Molo and parts of Mau Narok, where closure of the season is scheduled for November / December 2020.

Delay due to weather conditions and Covid-19 measures
The weather conditions have caused some delay due to torrential rains. The teams needed to shelter and wait for the fields to dry up, before allowing the heavy machinery to re-enter. Overall, repairs are minor, but the logistics of transportation need extra planning. Due to the national Covid-19 measures the teams need to take the curfew hours into consideration and that takes some extra time.

Check out some photos from the harvest 2020 in Ravine: