FDOV Vietnam: hoof trimming

Oct 2, 2020

Within the FDOV Vietnam project, Bles Dairies Consultancy started three years ago with the training of Vietnamese dairy professionals on the subject of hoof trimming. At that point, the participants were completely unfamiliar with hoof trimming.

Today in 2020, they have become a lot more professional and are able to prevent many cows from an early ‘one-way ticket’ to the slaughterhouse. A common problem among Vietnamese dairy farmers is that they often have little or no interest in precautionary trimming. Unfortunately, this regularly leads to many severe crippled animals.

The hoof trimmers have approximately seventy dairy farms as client and they treat an average of ten cows a day. With the use of a motorbike they transport the hoof trimming box from A to B.

The hoof trimmers work via the “Dutch Method of Trimming,” the 5 steps schedule: