Re-visiting a 2013 turnkey project in Azerbaijan

Jul 14, 2017

Bles Dairies is active in Livestock, Genetics, Farming and Consultancy. Combination of all capabilities leads to successful Bles Dairies projects. A largescale turnkey dairy project realized for a private investor in Azerbaijan is a good example.

The project included a feasibility study, design, construction supervision and a full year of farm management. The experts of Bles Dairies managed the project from the end of the construction phase, through start-up until the farm was ready and in full operation. Our consultancy branch The Friesian also trained the farm staff in practical skills concerning fertility, hoof trimming, milking and feeding as well as the organization of harvesting feed. Apart from the provision of a senior farm manager (long-term), Bles Dairies sent a number of veterinarians for short-term periods. By the end of 2013, the farm was fully operated by the local staff.

All 660 pregnant Holstein Friesian heifers were supplied by Bles Dairies Livestock. As consortium leader, the farm was engineered and equipped by first class farm supply companies with expertise in barn equipment, manure handling systems, milking parlours and cooling systems.

Almost 5 years later we are re-visiting this modern dairy farm. Striving for continuous improvement, the project investors asked for further modernization and optimization. It is very efficient for both the customer and the consultant to be back and continue the cooperation, knowing every detail and motivation for choices made in the establishment from the very beginning. The dairy farm is now looking at expanding their farm at the actual location and considers establishing a second dairy farm following the same farm set-up. Besides growth, improvement in feed production and the use of manure of the farm are also current topics.