Apr 8, 2021

Three ways to stream your fresh milk flow from dairy farmer to dairy processor. A service programme designed by Bles Dairies, named “Pure, Sure, Count & Cure”.

Its design is based on the Bles Dairies track record in managing and supporting the implementation of dairy development projects. The core essence of these projects is the production of sufficient quantities of pure fresh milk, assure its milk quality and accomplish a win-win situation for all its stakeholders.

It is a global government policy to become less dependent on importing  dairy products and to aim for strengthening the domestic dairy industry. We get increasingly requests from NGOs, dairy processors and farmer organisations, about how to address food safety issues and manage milk volumes, in compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Food safety and security of fresh milk.

The programme is designed with three pillars named Pure, Sure, Count & Cure respectively, each addressing essential aspects of the fresh milk value chain. Pure handles all aspects of food safety of fresh milk and risk mitigation, such as identifying Hazard Critical Control Points, Good Dairy Farm Practices, reviewing milk testing regimes/disciplines and laboratory capacities.

Sure addresses all aspects of developing and managing a sourcing strategy, handling the milk volumes (quantities) and infrastructure from farm to factory gate, while maintaining the food safety aspects of Pure. Sure is of particular importance for organisations to agree upon milk pricing (incentives) and handle seasonal influences in order to avoid shortage or surpluses during the year time.

Monitoring, optimizing and managing the results

Count & Cure addresses the aspects of monitoring and interacting with the performances and results as generated by Pure and Sure. It manages and interpretates mainly KPIs (results) of the fresh milk value chain and financial data. This is important in order to respond during non-desirable structural changes or to timely identify necessary updates of technology and/or to automate or modernise systems/methods. Count & Cure includes tools to further develop organisations through specific training of all actors in the fresh milk value chain, optimizing the farm operations,  strengthening extension services and developing specific track & trace systems allowing optimal effects of an incentive based payment systems.

With the Pure, Sure, Count & Cure service programme we are able to slot in anywhere and serve organisations with their dairy development projects.






The 3 pillar service programme to stream  the fresh milk value chain