Opportunities for digital training

Mar 25, 2021

Since Covid-19 broke out last year, the world of online training and courses gained momentum. Where two years ago, the consultants of Bles Dairies mainly gave on-farm training or courses in physical classrooms. And, where they travelled from Asia to Africa to Eastern Europe; this year they had to make the best out of the online possibilities. Of course, hands-on training and practical skills courses will remain very important in the dairy sector, but we are also seeing the increasing importance and possibilities of digital training.

Webinars, movies, and WhatsApp-groups
A good example of online training is giving Webinars. A Webinar is a lecture, workshop, conference, presentation, or training that takes place via the internet. For example, Bles Dairies Consultancy organized last year a series of Webinars for the Veterinary Chamber in Macedonia (Ветеринарна комора). Topics included young stock rearing, fertility, cattle judging and breeding strategies. These Webinars reached over a hundred veterinarians and could even be followed live by the public via a Facebook connection.
In addition, Bles Dairies has started to convert many cancelled practical courses within existing projects – cancelled due to travel restrictions (Covid-19) – into online trainings. Several kinds of online training were practiced;  videocalls, informative videos and WhatsApp discussion groups.

Blended Learning
This trend, this new way of learning, using digital solutions, will never be reversed anymore. We believe it is important and adds value to include this approach in our products and services, to better serve our clients in the need of access to knowledge and skills training. Blended learning is an approach to knowledge transfer that combines online learning materials and with traditional place-based skills training. This way, you can not only reach a large audience very efficiently, but you also ensure that the teaching material is better absorbed by the students through the different learning channels. Reference to the own working or farming situation is made through personalized assignment and coaching during implementation is part of this innovative way of dairy training.

Bles Dairies works with Dairy Delta Academy and Triple Dairy for the development of blended training materials.

Into the future
We acknowledge that practical training for students and professionals in the dairy sector is key in becoming successful. Unfortunately, practical experience cannot be gained online, but these digital solutions empower local trainers to give those trainings. Just in line with the vision of Bles Dairies.

Interested in online, practical or Blended Learning? Please contact us via info@bles-dairies.nl

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