Name change: Bles Dairies Consultancy

Dec 14, 2018

Did you know that as of October 2018, our consultancy company has continued under the name Bles Dairies Consultancy BV? We started in 2001 under the official name the Friesian Agro Consultancy. Now time has come for a new name, reflecting our global presence as a full-fledged consultancy company within the dairy sector worldwide. Bles Dairies can provide you with all expertise around the cow under one single roof: Livestock, Genetics, Consultancy and Training.

The company continues to operate in its current structure, and your contacts will remain unchanged. Other than this visible change, there is no change in ownership and no change in staff. Nor will it affect or delay any current or future projects. However, we would like to offer notice that all communication from now on will be under the name Bles Dairies Consultancy BV.

Please note, our office location, phone numbers and mailing & billing address are:

Van Swietenstraat 2, 8911 AL Leeuwarden • The Netherlands
Postbus 150, 8900 AD Leeuwarden • The Netherlands • T: +31 58 2120541 •