Milk hygiene & quality workshop in Montenegro

Jan 17, 2020

In December 2019 Bles Dairies Consultancy expert Martin de Jong visited Montenegro to conduct a workshop on milk hygiene and quality for a selected group of (small scale) dairy farmers, who supply their milk to one of the larger milk processing companies in the country.

The Montenegrin dairy sector is characterised by small-scale farming. Milk production is based on about 26,270 farms with an average herd size of 2.9 cows and milk yield of 2,700 kg/cow. During the summer period, the cattle grazes in the natural grassland of the hills / mountains. During the winter period, the animals are kept in non-ventilated closed cattle buildings.

The workshop was organised by the Agricultural councillor of the Netherlands embassy for Serbia and Montenegro. The MNE Food Safety Authority of the Montenegrin Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development made the request for this workshop. The Netherlands Government supports the Ministry within the framework of EU-Pre Accession assistance.

Montenegrin Dairy Farm Montenegrin Dairy Farm








Montenegrin milking cow Winter in Montenegro