Key expertise in milk quality

Feb 27, 2019

Bles Dairies Consultancy is a well-known expert within the dairy sector, ranging from small scale – <10 cows – to large-scale dairy farming i.e. > 3000 cows. Our consultants have a large, combined work experience in more than 40 countries worldwide. In addition to this expertise and experience, Bles Dairies Consultancy also has a proven track record in key aspects related to milk quality and food safety. This is not only related to on-farm milk quality issues such as milking, milk handling and storage, but it goes far beyond that.

Bles Dairies experts are, amongst others, specialized and experienced in advising in raw milk collection schemes, the implementation of Quality Based Milk Payment Systems (QBMPS), the establishment of milk testing, the acceptance of schemes for milk collection centres and milk processing plants, as well as the introduction of a basic raw milk track and trace system.

The first issue our experts always address is the definition of milk quality. Almost everybody thinks hat milk quality is related to the fat and protein content of milk, which is not correct. Fat and protein levels – like many other parameters – are related to the milk composition. Milk quality is a food safety related issue and therefore addresses i.a. topics as bacteria contamination, antibiotics, aflatoxin, other inhibitors and adulteration of the milk. In the end, the milk acceptance standards are a combination of milk quality, milk composition and milk hygiene.

Over the years, our experts have developed a practical and (cost) effective QBMPS, which is currently being carried out in several countries in Eastern Africa.

Bles Dairies Consultancy is currently involved in The Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership project (NEADAP), which brings together relevant dairy actors in East Africa around the key themes of milk quality, forage and inclusive business models. The project is a consortium of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Wageningen University & Research, Bles Dairies Consultancy and Agriterra and focusses on Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. The main goal is to promote uptake of interventions and good practices by East African and Dutch stakeholders, and to generate evidence-based recommendations for Dutch and East African policy development for effective support of dairy development. Bles Dairies’ experience and expertise of milk quality contributes in this project which helps developing the dairy sector in the region.

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