Fertility trainings in Indonesia

Aug 8, 2017

One of our experts is in Indonesia for the provision of follow-up trainings. These trainings are given on a quarterly basis and form part of a 5-year dairy development project. The courses cover all dairy related topics and the final objective is to increase the quality and quantity of the milk. In this training session fertility topics are being addressed. Our specialist shares his first experiences:

“I am in Indonesia for two weeks, providing training to the staff and management of two dairy cooperatives. The first training week is now behind us and I have very good experiences so far. The group consists of veterinarians, inseminators and paramedics and they are all very motivated.
In this training session I am discussing all kind of fertility topics. This covers among others artificial insemination, reproduction, breeding and selection. Very important topics within dairy farming. Luckily the trainees picked up the theoretical and the practical material very quickly.
One thing I conclude is that there is still plenty of work to be done in terms of registration regarding insemination and heat.
This week I will travel to another cooperative for the same sort of trainings.”

With the obtained knowledge and skills, the extension workers will motivate their farmers to produce more and better milk. More trainings will follow later this year!