Crucial phase in the TIDE project in Uganda

Jul 24, 2017

The Friesian, Bles Dairies’ consultancy discipline, is partner in the TIDE project (The inclusive Dairy Enterprise project) in Uganda. The project has four main activities and one of these activities is the introduction of a Quality Based Milk Payment System (QBMPS). Our specialist Berend is in Uganda at the moment and shares his experiences.

“For two weeks I am here now supporting three dairy processors with the implementation of a Quality Based Milk Payment System within the TIDE project.” At 10 Milk Collecting Centers (MCCs) testing equipment will be installed, so that individual farmers’ milk can be tested on milk composition. The next phase will include freshness of the milk (microbiological quality). The project now is in a crucial stage; the good distribution of the equipment is key. “The equipment arrived before me in Uganda, unfortunately it is all still in customs. Nevertheless there is much to be done!”  Some equipment has already been distributed, but without instructions and training. This has complicated putting the equipment into service.

“Friday we had a good team meeting”, continues Berend (see photo below). “Next to the processors and the DDA (Governmental Dairy Development Authority) also representatives of four MCCs were present. We discussed the training program, operating procedures, a memory of understanding had to be signed by each partner and data recording procedures.”

Berend admits: “Maybe it is good that the equipment is not here yet; there are many steps to be taken now. But so far so good.” To be continued!