Farm management support in Kazakhstan

Jun 18, 2015

One of our devoted senior farm managers is supporting a dairy farm in the North of Almaty, Kazakhstan. In autumn 2014, 780 pregnant heifers arrived at the farm which are now calving. The heifers were delivered from Canada by Bles Dairies Livestock. Starting from quarantine period, the farm manager took care of the heifers and started training of employees.

The Friesian is supporting this dairy farm since august 2013, first by evaluating the farm project. In autumn that year one of our dedicated crop specialists was sent to the farm for growing corn silage, alfalfa and soya in order to store enough feed for the first year of operation.

Currently, the heifers are calving and the average milk production is climbing above 23 kilogram per cow, with several over 30 kilograms. The calves are doing well, no mortality and the average weight increase is 980 gram per month. The first born calf 0001 can be seen on the picture.

The farm manager is training and improving the farm staff. As hoof trimming is an important skill to learn, the employees are taught how to treat various problems and also how to place a claw support.

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