Crossbred study in Tanzania

Jun 18, 2015

One of our specialists has visited several farms and institutes in Tanzania. The purpose of the study (on request of the Dutch Embassy) is to survey the characteristics and efficiency of crossbred cows in the various local climates and circumstances.

Tanzania has a highly diverse climate, from humid tropical coastal areas to semi-arid highlands and everything in between. The traditional Tanzanian Shorthorn Zebu cows can survive well in the local circumstances. The cows produce enough milk for their calves and farmers household but not enough for processing. Holstein Friesian cows on the other hand produce much more milk, however not under the local circumstances. Poor feeding, heat stress and tick-borne diseases are the main problems the cows are facing.

In the pictures two local crossbred solutions are shown which are producing more milk than the traditional breed and are still able to survive difficult circumstances.

The government of Tanzania is promoting investment in crossbreeding solutions. The report of the findings will be delivered soon.

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