Excursion at Bles Dairies Farm

Jul 26, 2018

In addition to all the daily activities at Bles Dairies Farm, there is also room for excursions and visits. We are proud to show our visitors our farm, which reflects our dairy farming visions, approaches and key values in servicing our clients worldwide.

On the 5th of July, we were honoured with a visit by members of the Dutch association Holland Holstein Herds (HHH) and its youth section Young Breeders Club. This Dutch association for breeders of red and black Holstein cows have amongst its members the absolute top of Dutch dairy breeding and farming! With over more than 50 visitors, the excursion was a great success! After a general introduction by Managing Director Henk Bles, the group was divided into three sub-groups. In that way, all members received more profound information on the three subjects of this excursion: nutrition, breeding and calf and young stock rearing.

On Bles Dairies Farm we strive for happy cows. Happy cows are healthy and produce high quality milk that contributes to the health of the population. Important in this is our milking vision: the cow is central to all our thoughts and actions. That is why we believe a high standard in cow comfort is essential. Besides, cow comfort helps in achieving an outstanding state of animal health.

Also, nutrition and reproduction are crucial for a highly productive and profitable dairy farm. A high feed efficiency and a sophisticated genetics strategy contribute to the health of our herd. During the excursion, Bles Dairies’ feed specialist used practical examples to emphasize the importance of sifting and examining the manure and working with a tailor made high quality feed ration. The breeding specialist underlined the breeding goal: high productive cows, with a high life production and as less problems as possible.

Last not but least, farm management is of the utmost importance at our farm. The farm management monitors data through central technology and sets clear KPIs like milk production, reproduction, nutrition and animal health.

Different visions on all these dairy farming subjects were discussed. That way, the excursion contributed to the Life Long Learning of the visitors, i.e. the continuous pursuit of knowledge. Not only the HHH members learned from this summer excursion, but it was  also interesting for the Bles Dairies team. Transfer of knowledge works both ways!