Employability of young professionals in the Tunisian dairy sector

Sep 13, 2021

An update of our activities in Tunesia. 

Strengthening future employability of young professionals in the dairy sector
In June, a project funded by NUFFIC was granted to the consortium Aeres TCI,  Dairy Delta Academy and Triple Dairy, with the Tunisian partner AVFA (Agence de Vulgarisation et de la Formation Agricoles). Beneficials of this project are trainers and instructors at two TVETs, Sidi Thabet and Thibar and their students and surrounding dairy farmers. The project, a so-called TMT+ (Tailor Made Training), seeks to strengthen future employability of young professionals in the dairy sector. The introduction of distant learning (Blended Learning) in education and professional training, introduction of “entrepreneurship” in the curriculum and training of trainers in certain technical practical dairy topics are the major pillars in this project.

Inception mission in Tunesia
During the last week of June, Triple Dairy held an inception mission to Tunesia to start-up the project, to get familiar with the local dairy value chain and to meet with all involved people of the three local parties. Some excursions were made to farmers, collecting center and a fromagerie, and of course the premises of both institutes were assessed. With the teams, the topics for the ToTs have been identified, the principles of Blended Learning have been introduced and we are now looking forward to implementation after summer break.