Determination of the cost price of milk production in Uganda

Feb 5, 2020

After nearly 3 months in South-Western Uganda, Mark Woltheus is almost at the end of his internship for Bles Dairies Consultancy.

Mark’s goal was to determine the cost price of milk production at 32 Lead Farms (i.e. large-scale dairy farms) participating in the Pearl Dairy Development Program. Bles Dairies Consultancy leads this Dairy Development Program that aims to increase the milk intake by a leading milk processing plant from 200T litre per day to over 1 million litre per day.

In close cooperation with the extension workers, Mark collected actual data on costs and income in order to determine the individual cost prices. In addition, Mark determined the production cost price of various local forage crops. He also did that for the banana and coffee production, being alternative production crops for the farmers.