Triple Dairy brings knowledge to farmers

Mar 26, 2020

Bles Dairies has taken the initiative to establish Triple Dairy, a knowledge company that specialises in a modern approach to transfer knowledge and knowhow. With its strong partners Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Aeres Group, Triple Dairy provides a solution to the high demand for both practical knowledge and necessary steps to comply with future development of the dairy sector worldwide.

Triple Dairy not only organizes inspiring dairy courses for international dairy farmers and professionals in the Netherlands. It also coaches Dutch farmers in their transition to the future circular farming. Challenges related to climate and environment need adaption and with the latest insights and innovations generated at WUR, Triple Dairy assists the farmers in their development.

As a worldwide leader in dairy farming, The Netherlands need to disseminate their knowledge and knowhow among developing dairy farmers around the world. Efficiency is critical to enhance outreach and impact. Therefore Triple Dairy chooses a modern approach, so-called blended learning. A combination of online learning (through e-learnings modules available on a platform) and physical trainings that enables that farmers can always continue learning. Through the platform, the best Dutch knowledge is always available and up-to-date for educational institutes, dairy trainings organizations, agri-business.

Triple Dairy is based at Dairy Campus, the innovation centre of Wageningen University, in the centre of the Dairy Valley.

For more information please contact Triple Dairy.

Triple Dairy BV
Kees de Jong: +31 6301 450 63 /
Nynke Dijkstra: +31 6557 522 83 /

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Triple Dairy