Dairy training in Ethiopia

Aug 2, 2016

Last week our dairy specialist Berend travelled to Ethiopia to provide trainings on animal health. These trainings form part of a 3-year project to stimulate the private dairy sector development in Ethiopia. The aim of this project is to increase the number of profitable dairy farms and firms in the Ethiopian private sector. Innovative capacity will be strenghtened by providing training and coaching to professionals working in dairy production from different backgrounds. Participants include farm managers, farm owners, advisors, veterinarians and teachers.

The week started for Berend with visits to three dairy farms. The second day the trainings started. Berend about his week: “during the first training day, the local veterinarian had a major role in the trainings. I assisted him and clarified some details where necessary. This day I also gave a workshop and let the students carry out a risk assessment for vaccine-preventable diseases. A very interesting day. The other days theoretical classes were given in the morning and in the afternoon they went out to the farms. I see the participants are really positive and enthusiastic to learn!”

The continuation of the project is planned: this autumn our colleagues will conduct trainings on reproduction, farm management and youngstock rearing. More trainings and workshops will follow next year. To be continued!

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