Dairy cluster wants to improve Ugandan milk production

Jul 8, 2019

Six Dutch dairy farms are going to undertake joint activities to raise the level of milk production in Uganda. At the same time, they try to expand their own market. Financial support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) helps the cluster with this project.

The so-called ‘Dairy Impact Cluster Uganda’ consists of 6 companies:
– Uniform-Agri (software)
– Aeres (knowledge)
– Bles Dairies Consultancy (advice and strategy)
– Ante BV (machines for milk processing)
– Bles Dairies Livestock (genetics)
– Koudijs (cattle feed)

Milk production in Uganda in development
In recent years, substantial investments have been made in Uganda in the construction of modern dairy factories. This increases the demand for a regular supply of good quality milk. This stimulates the entire Ugandan dairy sector.The expectation is that the size of the dairy sector in Uganda will be larger within a few years than in neighbouring Kenya. This country is traditionally known as one of the most important dairy countries in Africa.

Increasing demand
Martin de Jong, spokesperson for one of the companies in the cluster (Bles Dairies Consultancy), says that the demand for technology, knowledge and skills in the Ugandan dairy sector is increasing. De Jong: “We can meet that demand. It is up to us to prove that an investment leads to a considerably higher earning capacity.”In the coming years, the cluster will focus primarily on information, training and field demonstrations. The target group is medium-sized and large dairy farmers and representatives of farmers’ cooperatives and dairy factories.

Duration 3 years
The ‘Dairy Impact Cluster Uganda’ project has a duration of 3 years. RVO.nl pays half of the costs, after mediation through the foreign network. The six partner companies pay the other half of the costs.

Source: RVO.nl