Cows skipping out to graze

Jul 14, 2017

Since the start of this spring, our cows at Bles Dairies Farm have the opportunity and choice to enjoy the fresh grass and air around the farm! Every day during daytime it’s up to the cows to switch their barn temporarily for the green pastures. And they gratefully welcome this possibility!
This grazing and outside-time perfectly reflects our dairy farming vision, approach and key values in farming and servicing our clients worldwide. The cows are central to all our thoughts and actions and that is why we believe that the cows’ free choice and a high standard in cow comfort is crucial. Besides, this free choice helps in achieving a good state of animal health and welfare.
It is interesting that the cows choose to return to their barn or to stay inside when temperatures are high or the weather is bad. Also, after an enjoyable time in the pasture, cows love to go inside. This indicates that our cows are also having a pleasant time in the stables. That’s cow comfort at its best at Bles Dairies Farm!