Bles Dairies Farm Management Solutions

Oct 2, 2020

Since May 2020, Bles Dairies Expert Jan Aalberts coaches the dairy farm of Dairy Academy (of Royal A-Ware), former Practical Training Centre Oenkerk, the Netherlands. By providing them with valuable advice, Bles Dairies helps them optimize their business and reduce their cost price. This includes the subjects of; milk production (kilograms fat and protein), feed costs, and pregnancy rate.

Relevant changes 
Several dialogues have taken place between Bles Dairies, the farm management and relevant stakeholders & suppliers. And so, over the last months, the feed rations have changed, milking heifers are seperated from the older cows, cows with health issues are culled, the dry cow management has improved, and other critical processes have been analyzed. In addition, partner Semex has drawn up an up-to-date status of the pregnancy rate and introduced a genetic strategy to ensure that the herd will continue to improve over the coming years.

Analyzing the target group
In order to monitor the progress of the farm, Bles Daires makes use of the consultant version of UNIFORM-Agri. With this tool, different analyses can be performed in order to optimize the current situation.

All together, some good first steps have been made and we are looking forward to further improving the farm, in collaboration with all stakeholders.


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