Update on the TIDE project

Dec 9, 2016

A next phase in the TIDE project (The inclusive Dairy Enterprise project) in Uganda is reached. Reason for a short update.

One of our experts recently brought a succesfull visit to Mbarara in Uganda, with the purpose of establishing a Quality Based Milk Payment System (QBMPS)  in South West Uganda. Our consultancy discipline is in this region engaged in a large 3 years project.

Two local dairy processors selected 10 milk collection centers (MCC’s) to pilot the QBPMS. These MCC’s have been assessed and have undergone a zero setting by testing milk at all points in the dairy chain; from cow to factory.

The next step will be the preparation of the test phase, in which the MCC’s will be equipped and instructed to work with laboratory materials and in which standard operating procedures will be made. The first parameters to be included in the system will be fat and solids-non-fat percentage.

MCC in Uganda MCC in Uganda