Triple Dairy and Dairy Delta Academy: new knowledge tailor -made!

Jun 4, 2020

Dairy farmers have to go through a transition to a circular model and a climate friendly operation of their dairy farm. This transition leads to structural and drastic changes. Triple Dairy is going to help there. The company is an initiative of Bles Dairies and since last week it has a cooperation agreement with Wageningen Livestock Research (WLR), part of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Aeres, green knowledge institution, became a shareholder of Triple Dairy.

Triple Dairy offers courses in the dairy farming sector with a new approach. Farmers learn about the newest knowledge, insights and innovations around dairy farming and how to apply it on their own farms, through Blended Learning.

In that context, the Dutch government (Topsector Knowledge and Innovation Agri & Food) awarded an assignment to Triple Dairy. The transfer of knowledge to the farmyard is central in the assignment. The aim is to unlock actual knowledge from research and translate it to practical and economically achievable development of the individual dairy farm. Not only there is a demand for actual facts and knowledge about themes such as soil, manure, the cow and crops, also farmers need to develop an individual  strategic perspective and operational skills. New is not only that they learn partially online, also the coaching part and contact after the course about implementation is different. Tailor-made knowledge! The courses take place on Dairy Campus and Aeres Farms.

Blended Learning – Share knowledge with the dairy sector worldwide
Besides these courses that are meant at first for Dutch dairy farmers, Triple Dairy is active in the development of learning materials for the international dairy sector, both for education and professionals. This in close cooperation with Dairy Delta Academy, a foundation established by Aeres and Bles Dairies. The need for knowledge, practical skills and innovation in dairy is huge. Worldwide there is an increasing demand for sufficient, safe and nutritious food. To achieve greater impact, Dairy Delta Academy uses a combination of e-learning and practical lessons, the so-called Blended Learning. This way it not only results in an outreach on a much wider scale, also the costs decrease. The dairy sector around the world is in the position to fully benefit and learn from the Dutch knowledge and experience. Fundamental starting point is lifelong learning, one should always be facilitated to learn more, through the digital platform. This platform will host a complete package of learning modules covering all aspects in dairy farming that can easily be adjusted according to the characteristics of the learning environment. The platform, the ICT infrastructure is available for any company, organisation or educational institute.

About Triple Dairy B.V.
In March this year, Triple Dairy B.V. was established by Bles Dairies. In the meantime it is a unique tripartite consortium with Aeres and Wageningen University. Triple Dairy applies the learning provisions of Dairy Delta Academy. Triple Dairy is located on Dairy Campus, the center for research and innovations of Wageningen University.

About Delta Dairy Academy
Very recently Aeres and Bles Dairies established the foundation Delta Dairy Academy. The foundation’s aim is to develop and provide worldwide learning materials about dairy farming. Specific to the learning range is the digital platform where the content is provided with a blended learning methodology. Triple Dairy is the implementation partner of Delta Dairy Academy.