The Friesian in South-America

Feb 16, 2016

Last week was quite an interesting week for Bles Dairies. Customers from different continents brougth a visit to Bles Dairies, including South America, Russia, Africa and Europe.

Of these, our South American customers came from Uruguay. Since last year autumn, The Friesian has a consultancy cooperation with a large dairy farm in Uruguay. This farm was recently bought by the present owners and is in a transition to improve its results and then grow to maximum capacity on the present land area. Dairy farming in Uruguay is pasture based but because the climate is hotter than New Zealand, additional components are fed to maintain production in summer. Specialists of The Friesian visited the farm in Uruguay in December. During this second visit, the management and working methods were analyzed and discussed. Our specialists proposed several working protocols which would encourage the stated improvement.

This week our Uruguay customers were visiting The Netherlands and also brought a visit to the Bles Dairies Farm to get some reference for young stock rearing, breeding and mastitis management.


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