Serving the dairy industry, today – and tomorrow

Apr 12, 2021

Already for more than 30 year Bles Dairies is active in the fresh milk value chain from feed to factory gate. We do this with a portfolio of services and products in livestock, genetics and consultancy, world-wide. With our  understanding of cows and cultures, we are able to add value whether a dairy farmer or investor wants to start, grow or optimize his farm no matter its size, big or small.

Throughout the years we worked with, governments, associations, and dairy processors to develop the fresh milk value chain. More milk of better quality to protect food security and food safety. This in a challenging environment with respect to climate and sustainability.

Each region, country of our customer needs the best solution and requires a specific approach. For this reason Bles Dairies invests in local presence and to train and educate local staff to build on local capacity. We believe by having local feet on the ground, we can make a sustainable impact. We do this already in Western Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa.

At Bles Dairies we recognize a growing demand for access to knowledge and new technologies. We invest in innovative solutions like blended learning and sensor technology. We test this on our own farm before we introduce the systems to our customers world-wide.

Also, there is an increasing attention for issues related to food security and food safety. We develop concepts to offer solution based programs in the value chain. An example which we branded as Pure, Sure, Count & Cure is such systemic approach to improving on milk quantity and quality.

This is how Bles Dairies serves the dairy industry worldwide, today – and tomorrow.

Our vision.. to ensure a strong and sustainable international dairy sector for today – and tomorrow.

Bles Dairies is about serving and improving the dairy industry. We share a deep passion for cows, their wellbeing and the good health that dairy produce brings.

We believe that the dairy sector is a force for good. We are committed to sharing our deep knowledge and cutting edge expertise to ensure an even brighter future for the industry and our planet.

Bles Dairies East Africa: our local presence in Kenya.