Rehabilitation study in Sudan

May 17, 2017

In cooperation with a local advisory and engineering company, our consultancy discipline The Friesian was involved in the conduction of a rehabilitation and feasibility study on an existing (non operational) vast dairy complex in South East Sudan. The purpose of the study was to assess to what extent existing buildings and equipment can be revitalised and put into working order as well as to assess the financial viability of the rehabilitation of the existing set-up.
The Friesian suggested, based on the technical assessment, an alternative method of housing in order to utilize the existing building facilities. A detailed market study on the current dairy market is completed in order to determine the product portfolio and the production requirement of the plant. In order to cover the market needs and the demand for “raw milk”, a study on the local raw milk supply was conducted. And last but not least, the management structure and training needs of the labour and management are determined. All this research shouldlead to a technical and financial viable integrated dairy complex to cover the milk need of the capital, Khartoum city.