Rabobank & Bles Dairies win the “Best New Partnership Award”

May 12, 2017

Rabobank and Bles Dairies participated in the Partnership Elections 2017. With a sustainable business case they battled to achieve the title of “Best New Partnership”. And good news for Team Rabobank: we won the elections!

Team Rabobank introduced an idea for a financing project in Kenya, enabling farmers to increase and improve their milk production. This will be done through a GPS tracking system. By GPS-tracking cows and taking them as collateral, more transparency and security in the chain will be created,  resulting in less risk for the bank. This innovative idea of a track and trace system was well received. A GPS system can be groundbreaking for credit facilities to farmers in developing countries.

This award provides the Rabobank and Bles Dairies the great opportunity to set up a sustainable project in Kenya. Thank you all for your votes! To achieve a better milk production, containing valuable nutrients to feed the world’s population!

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Best New Partnership