Apr 6, 2022

Managing Director Jurjen Boerrigter sets forth his view about the future of Bles Dairies. In this article his vision on our purpose.

Sustainable & purposeful
How can we contribute to a sustainable dairy value chain? That is a question we ask ourselves frequently. The world population is growing and with this, the demand for nutritious products increases. Growing these products should be done with less environmental impact. It is our purpose to contribute to a sustainable dairy value chain. Understanding our contribution in the chain and delivering where we can support food safety and food security.

Growing demand for better and more fresh milk
The demand in many markets, mainly in emerging markets, for improved quality and higher quantity of fresh milk is growing. With our products and expertise, we are the front-runners in supporting this demand. We collaborate with farmers, investors, local governments and NGOs to reach the Sustainable Development goals, set by the United Nations. With our expertise in the dairy value chain, we support local producers to optimize their lives, results and profitability. Being active in the primary sector gives us a fantastic opportunity to contribute to these Sustainable Development Goals.

Local presence
Through our local presence we contribute to sustainability as well. As we speak, we are developing local presence in new regions where we will be working with local people to support our purpose. Contributing to a sustainable (local) dairy value chain supported by the best local teams. This approach will secure an efficient and effective transfer of knowledge to support the demand from the market. We are committed to have our products and services available for you. Working together to realize your ambitions in a sustainable way.

From feed to factory gate
At Bles Dairies we understand the cow in the world and the world of the cow. With this understanding we are driven and capable to support our clients in the fresh milk value chain, from feed to factory gate.